Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knowing the difference between MD06 and MD07 might save you frustrationand a lot of work...

The difference between MD06 and MD07 is an important one. MD07 is a list of dynamically generated stock / requirements lists as they represent themselves right at the moment you call it up. MD06 is a collective list of snapshots on how the stock requirements list looked like, at the very moment when the MRP run created it. If you enter MD06 with a date, then you will only get the items which were touched by the MRP run on that date. Therefore MD06 should be run If you have a daily monitoring in place. Of course you should start the transaction first thing in the morning (because otherwise you get outdated MRP lists) so that you only look at those items that were planned since yesterday - and not the entire portfolio.

Don't forget to enter the transaction with today's date (if NETCH MRP runs after midnight). That way you are presented with a list of items which were planned this morning; and nothing else.

Also to note is that in MD07 you will not receive any messages related to newly created proposals or abnormal ends (usually found in groups 4 and 8).