Saturday, May 12, 2012

the SAP Mentor program

Just recently I was named SAP Mentor, thanks to the nominations I received from you. Thank You for that. I am not yet 100% sure what the SAP Mentor program exactly does, but from what I understand it bridges the gap between SAP and their customers.

SAP has claimed from the very start, that they are a software house and therefore are responsible for the provision of excellent software products - which, in my mind, they certainly do.  The delivery and maintenance of these products should primarily be provided by so-called system integrators. And these provide that service to a varying degree. Naturally there are very good ones and not so good ones. And as I mentioned in previous blogs, the customer is often at the mercy of the system integrator because there is a "functionality-filtering" going on. You only get what your consultant knows.

How does the SAP Mentor program help in that regard? I am hoping that we will be enabled to receive all necessary information and have access to the important spots (in our field all the way up to the SAP executives), so that we can rely important news and developments back to our customers in the most efficient way. And that is exactly what it looks like is happening !

I was kindly invited to attend SAPPHIRENOW in Orlando this coming week and there is a very busy schedule for me to meet with many people in the SAP organization.

I am very excited about the opportunity, not only to go to SAP's user conference and see Van Halen live, but about the possibility to become the bridge to our customers and make sure they get the most out of their investment.

drop me a note if you want me to do something very specific for you, to help advance your SAP investment... so that we can start kicking off this mentoring thing and make it worthwhile