Saturday, May 18, 2013

ASUG session recorded; effective production scheduling methods in SAP ERP

here is my recorded session from this year's ASUG / SAPPHIRENOW conference...


  1. Great overview of scheduling methods in SAP ERP!
    Very good recommendations.
    Having 20 years experience in SAP PP I fully support the message: Analyse your material/value/info flow and use an intelligent combination of planning/scheduling methods in SAP ERP. Example: Most companies (and consultants) are afraid to use both production orders and repetitive in the same plant. This taboo costs a lot...
    And yes: REM is underestimated, Heijunka sequencing cool, KANBAN has many useful flavors, ERP rocks,..
    Martin Preiss

  2. Hello , Greetings.

    I am finding this PPT very informative and useful.Can you share this PPT across.


  3. Hi,
    Here is the direct link in case you don't see the embedded video (just like I don't).


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