Saturday, March 29, 2014

Inventory Optimization Summit, San Francisco

This years West Coast Summit, organized by Blue Harbors and bigbyte, took place at the Courtyard San Francisco Downtown and we just wrapped it up yesterday afternoon (March 28th).

It was a success in all dimensions. Marc Hoppe of SAP Germany presented and live-demonstrated very helpful SAP Add-On Tools that enhance the supply chain experience and increase effectivity, automation, profitability and transparency in the SAP supply chain. The customers present enjoyed and appreciated live demos of the MRP Monitor for automated policy setting with simulation and mass update tools for safety stocks and lot size procedures, an Inventory Controlling Cockpit for analysis and optimization with a superior framework of KPIs. The Service Level Monitor was demonstrated as well as the Replenishment Lead Time Cockpit that provides the user with a way to keep lead times accurate and measure variability. Great appreciation was also given to the Capacity and Production Controlling tools which help, like many of the other tools, to keep the data clean, improve on the process and increase automation.

Then Josh Riff, of Blue Harbors, talked about an integrated parcel shipping solution inside SAP that helps customers save time and money.

I myself, talked about Effective Materials Planning, Sales Availability Checking and Transfer of Demand and how to model and measure a scheduling system with SAP value stream mapping. All using standard SAP ERP software, enhanced by the SAP Add-On Tools.

It was the first IO Summit for the SAP Add-On Tools and the large attendance and appreciation of the customers present motivates us to organize many more. 

I am frequently blogging on the SAP Add-On Tools and you can get more information on my YouTube channels and the SAP, Blue Habors and bigbyte websites.