Saturday, October 10, 2015

Materials Planning with SAP... available 11/30 on

Maybe you read my blog here or maybe our paths crossed at some point in time. In any case, if we ever discussed the subject of SAP in general or Materials Planning in particular, you know that I have a strong opinion on the way people implement and use it.

More often than not an organization drops functionality and transactions on to the planner, scheduler and buyer - providing minimal (transactional) training - only to expect far better results than ever before ("hey, we spent all this money for you to have these great transactions"). I do not believe that this is working out well and think it might cause even more frustration than there was before.

That is why I wouldn't rest until I got the chance to put my thoughts down in form of a book. Thanks to Rheinwerk Publishing (formerly Galileo), Kathy Spencer, Hareem Shafi and specially Emily Nicholls I was given the great opportunity.

Because I did not want to write a technical 'transaction' book, this might be a bit different from what you expect from a typical SAPPRESS publication.

The book starts shipping November 30 and you can pre-order at
Critique and suggestions are most welcome and I deeply hope that it can make a small difference to the better in your own organization...