Tuesday, November 22, 2016

bigbyte is hiring...

Are you passionate about SAP supply chain optimization? Do you love to solve problems with dynamic, all encompassing solutions in a team that is advocating on the customer's behalf? Do you understand what's really needed to make the supply chain flow?

To join bigbyte team’s you need to have unparalleled understanding of SAP’s standard offerings to help our clients understanding of their options and possibilities within their own system to keep their business performing competitively.

Our three areas of optimization are
- Effective Materials Planning
- Sales, Inventory, Resource & Operations Planning
- Factory Optimization

...all with companies running (and sometimes crawling or limping) on SAP.

We're looking for experts who understand:
- detailed knowledge of SAP supply chain functionality above and beyond the elementary implementation practices and scope.
- concepts like Demand Driven MRP, Lean Manufacturing, the Theory Of Constraints
- that the magic happens when an educated planner uses the right tools so that the factory performs to its maximum potential.

What we are not looking for are 'talkers', we're looking for 'doers'. We are not looking for people who have only learned MM and PP and SD by the book. We are looking for people who understand the dynamics of the SAP driven supply chain and can connect the dots and learn from our methodology. "Buzz modules", you know... that stuff everybody talks about right now, is not our priority or emphasis. We need people who can leverage SAP standard functionality and work with clients to help them make use of the SAP system they already own.

If this sounds like you, hit me up! Convince me that you're a good fit for our outstanding team. Send an email with your "call to action" to uwe@bigbytesoftware.com